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Puravida Banjolele BJ100 Koa

Nueva entrada en almacen de este banjolele estrella construido artesanalmente en Puravida Portugal. Puravida Banjolele BJ100 – Banjo con Parche de piel Natural Skin – Laterales y fondos de koa sólida – Diapasón de madera de African Blackwood

new ukulele banjo avaiable now. Hand crafted in Portugal with the finest materials: Natural Skin, Back and Sides: Solid Koa, Fingerboard: African Blackwood

Puravida Banjolele




El Banjolele es un híbrido entre un  Ukelele y un Banjo.  Se afina exactamente igual que el uke  pero suena más contundente  y alto como un banjo.  Nuevas experiencias musicales

A Banjolele is a mix between a Ukulele and a Banjo. It is tuned and played like a Ukulele but it sounds louder, like a Banjo.   This banjo-ukulele is the result of a  months  of iterative design and collaboration with our top dessigner  Michael Green  – Popularized in the good days between the twenties and thirties, the banjolele answered the call from popular performers for greater volume –  banjo ukulele is recognized for its distinctive tone and ability to project sound in solo and ensemble settings.

Banjolele features the distinctive sound of a banjo and the small scale tuning and playing style of a Ukulele.

Nut 35mm
# of Frets 18
Electronics N/A
Case/Bag Compatibility Includes custom gig bag
Scale Length 13.625″
Binding N/A
Top 6″ Remo Fiberskyn Head
Back/Sides N/A
Machines Vintage Brass Geared
Fretboard Rosewood
Size Soprano