Bici, tabla y busca. CURVES ‘N’ TURNS

CURVES ‘N’ TURNS – Trailer
desde Austria a Cerdeña en busca de olas, pero en bicicleta. Sí se puede. Disfruta el trailer con temas del grupo acústico Dawa

“We´ve got to stop once in a while and let our spirit catch up.”

Everything´s getting faster and faster nowadays. This project was an experiment to slow down living, or rather try to find a way of going slowly and to experience travelling to the fullest. By bike from the southern part of Austria to the mediterranean sea like Liguria and Sardegna was the first part of this adventure. Another very important goal was to catch up with local people, to immerse deeper into the local culture and to find waves in a country which isn´t that famous for surfing.

CURVES ‘N’ TURNS – Trailer from CURVES 'N' TURNS on Vimeo.

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